Arboriculture is a scientific and professional discipline of the care of trees and other woody plants in the landscape

The core of the company consists of doctors of science, top experts in their fields, actively involved in the problematic and popularization of Arboriculture, which is developing rapidly

Assessment of tree condition

We are evaluating health, structural analysis and risk trees:

  • VTA method
  • SIA method
  • TRAQ method

Proposal demolition / pruning trees

We advise regarding demolition or pruning trees that are at risk, sick, under static minimum...

  • Proposal demolition / pruning trees that do not meet the minimum static (SIA)
  • Proposal demolition / pruning trees of poor vitality, poor health
  • Proposal demolition / pruning trees high risk

Proposal species for planting

We provide consulting services regarding replacement of existing trees and planting new you.

Digital Tree Cadastral (DTC)

After recording the data field survey, and after expert assessment of existing trees, the customer gets access to our online digital cadastre trees application (DTC).
DTC's online GIS Cloud applications with all necessary functionalities such as: physical examination data on trees and other features such as meadows and hedges, the ability to update data (demolition, pruning, cutting, mowing ...), the possibilities of analytical review of data and reports on Cadastre (number of fallen trees, number of trees by species, occupied area, the length of the hedge and the like.) .